In a competitive market your broker must be creative, experienced and focused. Led by Tom York, one of the top brokers in Central Connecticut, our team has over 40 years of experience brokering deals on a one by one basis, centered on individual client needs. With our clients interest at the forefront of everything we do, we provide superior industry knowledge and a data/market research driven model to provide optimum results. We give you real-world results knowing that your business is our business.


Agency Listing

Our team at GOMANYORK is comprised of experienced, proven Agency deal makers who are dedicated to representing your needs.  We work with building and property owners every day to provide expert analysis, strategic planning, and valuation in order to maximize investor/owner returns within the desired timeframes. We maximize your asset through skillful management of your lease agreements, resulting in the most favorable operating parameters for your property.

Tenant Representation

We strive to understand your overall business objectives and investment goals; we align your real estate requirements so that they support your bottom line and company vision; we provide research based market knowledge to enable sound decision making; we craft a strategic negotiation platform to create leverage, seeking a “win-win” solution with a landlord; and we provide value-added development services, financial analysis, research and marketing.

Transaction Management

At GOMANYORK we believe every dollar matters and time is money. At GOMANYORK, we become your “in-house” real estate team dedicated to managing and representing your interests during the transactional process for single or multiple transactions from the feasibility and strategic planning stages to the project implementation phase. We pride ourselves for going above and beyond the typical scope of brokerage services to provide the optimum real estate results for your organization.

Asset Acquistion

Customized financial-modeling is a particular strength at GOMANYORK, and that gives you an advantage when acquiring assets. GOMANYORK has the creative energy, global perspective and local experience necessary to enable you to purchase the right properties at the best time to yield maximum benefit.

Asset Disposition

We value your asset just like you do. GOMANYORK offers high value marketplace advice and comprehensive real estate solutions so that your asset is always working for you. We develop customized marketing plans based on state of the art market research, and deliver responsive client service.  Our network of industry-wide contacts and detailed knowledge of the current financial capacity, management capability and closing track record of specific commercial real estate investors produce the results you’re looking for.