8 Higher Ed Trends for 2018

8 Higher Ed Trends for 2018

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A look ahead

Early this year Education Dive put out an article highlighting  8 global trends impacting higher education. The article described things like the rise of automation that pushes job demand towards skilled and manual labor, and the growing disconnect between college experience and job preparedness. Here is the list of 8 trends Education Dive suggested we be on the lookout for.

  1. Labor markets shift and the rise of automation
  2. Economic shifts and moves towards emerging markets
  3. Growing disconnect between employer demands and college experience
  4. The growth in urbanization and a shift toward cities
  5. Restricted immigration policies and student mobility
  6. Lack of supply but growth in demand
  7. The rise in non-traditional students
  8. Dwindling budgets for institutions

Higher education is an increasingly complex landscapes. We have experienced many of these trends with our own clients and have worked to provide innovative strategies to adapt to dynamic market conditions.

What do you think? We are almost 5 months into the year, do you feel like the educational landscape has shifted at all? As a member of a higher education institution, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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