Allison Lipsher

Allison Lipsher

Economic Development Consultant

Licensed Salesperson

Allison is a senior economic development consultant and educational strategist, who currently heads up Goman+York’s Twin Cities office in Minneapolis. She joined the Goman+York team in 2016, while finishing her Master’s degree in Public Policy at Trinity College, with a focus on Urban Policy. While completing her degree, she also served as the Assistant Women’s Soccer coach for the Bantams.

Allison has a keen interest in downtown revitalization, community and economic development as well as educational strategic and master planning. Upon graduating in 2017, Allison Joined Goman+York full time as an economic development consultant and educational strategist. During her time with the firm she has lead numerous research and market analysis projects for G+Y’s municipal clients. Allison describes her work as being “from root to limb”, seeing projects from initial research and data analysis all the way through to planning and implementation using hands on community engagement initiatives. She believes that the best strategies are based upon data and informed decisions, and are fostered with a deep understanding of the communities and environments in which they are to succeed. Utilizing industry-leading data and analysis software to provide clients a comprehensive understanding and visualization of their communities is at the heart of Allison’s work.

Her projects span across the state of Connecticut, and she has worked with municipalities of all sizes to facilitate the development of economically viable solutions which address the unique challenges that each community faces. She also works closely with Goman+York’s education and institutional clients to meet the needs of these rapidly changing landscapes. In 2018 Allison helped execute Goman+York’s expansion into two new U.S. regions and currently oversees all projects in the North-Central region. Allison’s prior experience includes working with the town planning office in Farmington Connecticut in 2015, where she assisted with building permit approvals and departmental research

After starting her work with G+Y in 2016, Allison created and has since headed the marketing and outreach efforts of the company. Her work includes overseeing the development of a new website and company re-branding, as well as publishing bi-weekly newsletters on relevant topics and conversations within business, educational, and municipal communities.


A former professional-soccer player-turned-runner, Allison now enjoys watching soccer from the other side of the line as a coach. She serves as the director of goalkeeping for the University of Minnesota’s Soccer Team. Also an avid runner and cyclist, Allison enjoys days spent in the woods, running or hiking with her dogs, Moose and Rue.