Howard Etheridge


Howard resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife and son.

Howard Etheridge

Managing Director, Texas

Howard Etheridge is a key member of the Goman+York Team. A seasoned professional with broad executive experience, he has a background in successfully growing revenues in numerous target markets, and expanding product and service offerings for clients in a wide range of industries. His accomplishments have been due in part to his excellent communication and organizational skills.

Howard’s strategic planning expertise has made him a transformational leader who can assist other executives in navigating their organizational goals and objectives through challenging markets. His in-depth understanding of integrated sales and operations helps improve clients’ commercial performance.

Howard’s background includes executive leadership positions in finance, sales operations, customer relations, marketing, plant management, systems engineering, direct sales, and production. His personal career evolved from plant worker, to assistant plant manager, to plant manager, cost estimator, sales representative, President and COO, and eventually Chairman and CEO.