Pete Gioia


Graduate of Hobart College and the University of Connecticut

Pete Gioia

Managing Director, Economic and Policy Research

Goman+York welcomes Pete Gioia to its Economic Development and Advisory team. Beginning in 2018, Pete will serve as Managing Director, Economic and Policy Research. Previously he held the position of Chief Economist at PG Prior to this position, Pete served as Vice President and Economist at the Connecticut Business Industry Association (CBIA). Pete also served as a Senior Consultant at KPMG. He has in-depth experience as a Budget Analyst at the Office of Financial Analysis.

Pete has over 41 years of experience serving in leadership roles as well as extensive survey research experience. He has conducted more than 240 business surveys of executives and HR executives. Throughout his career he has produced over 30 published research reports on topics such as Connecticut state fiscal problems and solutions, myths and facts about the Connecticut economy, and the status and outlook for Connecticut manufacturing. Additionally, Pete has presented 1,500+ speeches on the economy to executives, conferences, annual meetings, and Boards of Directors meetings.

In his experience leading vital discussions in the State of Connecticut, Pete has produced 130 major conferences focused around the Connecticut economy, manufacturing, transportation and corporate responsibility.


  • Served as Economic Advisor to CT Governor Rell.
  • Testified before the General Assembly and Congress. Delivered over 250 pieces of testimony.
  • Appointed to MARB oversight Board.
  • Prior Board member and president HABE.
  • Prior member NABE.
  • Prior member NEEP Board, NEKC board, CPA Board.