COVID-19 Community Recovery Resources


The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) caught the world by surprise, forcing government leaders to make difficult decisions, including imposing harsh restrictions on businesses and consumers. If you are one of those leaders, several questions may still be on your mind:

  • How vulnerable is your community?
  • Will your tax base be impacted?
  • Who will successfully reopen?
  • How long will recovery take?
  • Do you have an Economic Recovery Strategy?

    A Resilient Approach to COVID-19 Economic Recovery

  • Business Recruitment and Retention
  • Surplus Properties Sale and Adaptive Reuse
  • Tax Increment Financing Master plans for TIF districts
  • Strategic Tax Abatement Incentive Programs
  • Disaster Recovery
  • HUD NSP-II neighborhood revitalization strategy
  • Investment Strategy
  • Download brochure - COVID-19 Recovery Resources

    Download brochure - COVID-19 Recovery Resources

    More COVID-19 Recovery Resources

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    Webinar: Real Estate and the Future of Work following COVID-19
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