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    Attracted X developers, developed Y acres / sq. ft. of campus property.
    Goodwin University

Knowledge is power.
But you already knew that.

At GOMAN+YORK, as development and planning experts, we understand that knowledge is power and essential to making impactful financial decisions. Utilizing our experienced team of professionals and real-world data-driven analysis we are able to guide your institution on a strategic path to growth with optimum use of campus real estate and resources.

Campus real estate is more than “facilities.” Your investment in your campus should be working for you. Let us show you how beginning with a detailed understanding of the socioeconomic characteristics of your students and your community that will help you make informed decisions to ensure long-term success. We provide the tools, data and expertise you need to identify financial growth opportunities.

Education Services Brochure (PDF)

Services for Educational Institutions:

  • Campus Master Planning + Economic Development
  • Research + Data Analytics
  • Financial + Market Feasibility
  • Public/Private Partnerships – Design, Initiation + Integration
  • Community Integration
  • Efficient + Effective Land Use Planning
  • Permitting + Entitlement
  • Transactional Work
  • Real Estate Brokerage + Asset Management Consulting

Be the master of your campus planning – better planning leads to better education.

GOMAN+YORK begins by providing you with a clear understanding of market demand: What will appeal to your students, faculty, donors, alumni and the broader community. Our work helps our clients maximize the impact of their property, facilities and resources.

The educational landscape is undergoing dramatic change. Technology, market trends, shifts in the job sector are all things that influence enrollment, student decision-making, and asset-utilization on educational campuses. Many educational institutions are facing finances that are tight, making capital expense planning especially difficult. Effective planning is paramount to ensure prudent stewardship of campus assets.

Relevant Past Experience:

  • Goodwin College Case Study
    Goodwin College
    THE CHALLENGE: The Goodwin College physical expansion and program evolution is happening in immediate proximity to the Capitol Region’s primary interchange, with opportunities such as Connecticut SR-2 running through the center of campus holdings. See our solution.
  • THE CHALLENGE: Newington is well located being less than a 20 minute drive from Connecticut’s capital city of Hartford. GOMAN + YORK is tasked with providing CCSHS with a thorough understanding of the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the trade area for the Cedar Mountain Commons/Jefferson House. See our solution.