Goodwin University Master Plan

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    Goodwin College Case Study
    • TaskCreate a better method of transportation.


    East Hartford, CT


    The Goodwin University physical expansion and program evolution is happening in immediate proximity to the Capitol Region’s primary interchange, with opportunities such as CT-2 state highway running through the center of campus holdings. While not walkable from the Hartford train station, there are secondary means of transport from the station to the campus as well as ongoing conversations to realign existing bus lines to the new campus front door on Riverside Drive.


    At the point where the bus delivers “off-campus” circulation, the new campus master plan developed in conjunction with GOMAN + YORK provides for a variety of on campus circulation services.

    An on-campus trolley which circulates not just around campus but to the college’s East Hartford satellite buildings as well. The trolley is available to transport students, faculty, and staff to campus buildings. There will be an on-campus trolley station at the off-campus bus stop to provide smooth transition from public service to the campus shuttle system. Also housed in this “transit station” will be one of the numerous “Goodwin bike” checkout stations connecting users to the on-campus bike paths as well as the adjacent river walk.

    Recently completed buildings