Holiday Shopping Behavior 2017

Mobile Devices Will Impact Retail In New Ways This Holiday Shopping Season

tis (almost) the season

While you may not notice the person in front of you on the mall escalator, scrolling through her phone, retailers do– and they want to capitalize off of it this holiday season. While online shopping has increased in popularity, many people still prefer to shop at brick-and-mortar stores for the service and convenience they provide. Because of this,   in-store mobile device use is expected to see a rise during the upcoming holiday shopping season.

A survey of holiday intentions done by ICSC found that over half of all holiday shoppers have intentions of using their mobile devices to compare prices, obtain digital discounts, and check product availability while shopping in stores. Millennials, unsurprisingly, showed the most likelihood to engage in phone-use while shopping; 93% of them indicated this behavior!

” For all generations, buying online from retailers with stores is almost as popular as buying online from those without any physical locations.”

– ICSC Consumer Series, Sept 21, 2017

so what?

Online shopping with in-store pickup is proving to be an increasingly popular- and profitable- option for retailers. Where this service really pays off is in the likely hood of shoppers to continue making purchases when they go to a store to pick-up a good that has already been paid for.

About 40% of shoppers indicated that they intend to do their shopping online, and then pickup their items in-store. Once these shoppers picked up their pre-ordered items, most of them (81%) are likely to buy additional merchandise either from the same store, or at nearby retailers. Holiday cheer, meet holiday cheerier.