Importance of Place Series: Dining Halls

Just when you thought the Thanksgiving feast was winding down

Here’s more food for thought. Technology has made its way from our desks, into our pockets, and just about every other aspect of our lives; now it’s making its way onto our plates. McDonald’s recently launched ordering kiosks similar to those you use to check in at the airport at some of it’s locations. Academic campuses have also picked up on these technologies. By streamlining dining operations, increasing access to healthy food and expanding dining options to accommodate dietary needs, schools are hoping to advantage themselves and be more appetizing to current and potential students. Pun, as always, intended.

Instant ramen has become insta-ramen

Students factor the quality of food, who sources it, and the preparation process more than ever — including for on-campus options. In the age of Instagram and Snapchat, presentation of food and dining experience is almost as important as the food itself. No matter what your hours of operation are, your food, presentation, and service are always up for public consumption, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; and hey, the better it looks, the more screen time it may get!

Still hungry? Here’s a fun article that lists 12 Food Trends popular among college students, ranked from most to least practical.

“Along with the more traditional academic and social criteria, prospective students – and their parents – can make their college-bound decisions based on the quality, cost, and diversity of the food program.”
– Food