The Assignment

GOMAN+YORK’s provided real estate guidance and analysis for City leadership and staff, related to the City of Bristol’s City Hall facility, namely, identifying and evaluating suitable alternatives for a new facility, cost/benefit analysis of renovation of the existing facility, and opportunities for redevelopment surrounding the existing City Hall, including Police Department, Superior Court, as well as housing options, business vacancies, etc.

Services Provided

Task #1 – Identification of Location & Improvements Necessary for the Facility

  • Examine and review the suitability of replacing, relocating, or renovating the existing building.
  • Examine the key elements needed per city leadership and staff.
  • Examine the current proposal for the 10 Main Street option.
  • Examine the financial feasibility of expanding/replacing the current facility.
  • Identification of suitable relocation options.
  • Former mall site – Vacant city-owned parcel.
  • Existing building and property for lease or sale within desired areas.

Task #2 – Identification of Suitable Relocation Options

  • Conceptual drawings.
  • Community and Leadership Engagement Meetings.
  • Economic, fiscal, and operational impacts.
  • Preliminary Cost Estimates.
  • RFQ & RFP, Due Diligence & Financial Process Assistance.
  • Participating with City leadership in the identification, due diligence, and negotiations of a new facility.

Task # 3 – Elements and Opportunities for the area surrounding City Hall

  • Examine the opportunities that would complement the area surrounding City Hall.
  • Community gathering spaces.
  • City Centric area.
  • Redevelopment and development opportunities.