The Assignment

Provided the Town of Manchester (property owner) with professional services related to the Town’s consideration of the options and opportunities related to the properties known as “Broad Street Parkade” for a mixed-use development, and the process of creating the requisite development agreement(s). Our work focused upon working with Town leadership and staff while considering the suitability of proposed alternatives related to sale, lease, or development of the subject properties and negotiating a development agreement with a potential developer or developers.

Services Provided

  • A review of the suitability and benefit(s) of the proposal(s), offers and/or associated documents or information related to the subject properties,
  • The identification and review of proposed development alternatives,
  • Participating with Town leadership and staff in any negotiations associated with any transaction(s) related to the properties.
  • Preliminary Analysis to Determine the Costs and Benefits to the Town of Manchester Related to the Potential Provision of a Property Tax Abatement
  • Design Services: Upon request, provide master planning design services concerning assisting in the development of workable solutions relative to the integration of multiple developments, the surrounding neighborhoods, and/or businesses