The Assignment

RugPadUSA is a carpet padding manufacturer that was founded in Wilton, Connecticut in 2012. As its business grew, the company quickly outgrew its production and distribution facilities. It moved to Bridgeport then to Ansonia in 2017. It has since expanded to a location in Reno, Nevada, acquired a supplier in Maine, and plans to expand to other areas of the country as well. The operations currently in Maine and Ansonia will eventually be moved to their new global headquarters in Suffield, Conn.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, RugPadUSA has had an enormous growth trajectory. In addition, the number of people employed by the company is projected to increase.

Services Provided

Our team of brokers and consultants were able to provide:

  • Comparative report on alternatives for headquarters flex industrial/R&D/office space that fit the client’s needs
  • Mediation between local and state officials, procuring available business incentives
  • Brokered deals for HQ at 100 Marketing Drive in Suffield, CT and distribution center in Reno, NV